Van Mil Groothandel places a great deal of importance on protecting the privacy of its customers and visitors to its website. Van Mil Groothandel complies with applicable legislation relating to the collection, handling and storage of this information.

When a person visits our website we collect standard information about preferences and how visitors navigate our site. We do not attempt to discover the identity of the visitor when we do this. If the identity of the visitor is required we shall indicate this separately and state the reasons why we need this information. We place cookies so the website will work in the most optimum and efficient way possible.

What we do with you information

Van Mil Groothandel stores your business and personal data in a secure database. We do not offer your information to third parties for commercial purposes!

What do we request?

Relevant business details and information such as the e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person. We use this information when we contact you, for example via telephone, e mail, newsletters and with regard to payments.

We use a secure payment environment to accept payments for your order. If you pay using iDeal or by credit card, your details are stored in our administration so we can link your payment to your order. If you pay by credit card we send your credit card details directly to Adyen via our secure environment., we will not receive your card details. We only receive information about the payment.

We can also use the information collected to improve our products and services.